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Dead Run at Dominican Retreat Stream Restoration 
Completed in 2018 for Fairfax County, Virginia

All 3,200 linear feet of this highly degraded stream channel was completely restabilized using heavy armoring techniques including imbricated boulder walls, step pools and filling the channel with reinforced stream bed material. While MLS restored the stream channel, we worked closely with the designer to save as much of the existing canopy as possible by protecting trees from damage from equipment, adjusting the channel design to spare specimen trees and using minimally impactful access roads many of which were left in place after construction and purposed in to walking and biking trails. This project also involved working atop a 75 year old degraded high pressure gas line and ensuring that the line is protected post-construction. 

Imbricated Walls & Step Pools
Imbricated Wall - Upstream
Step Pools
Step Pools
STA 26+00 - Class II Channel Armor - Upstream - 2
Tributary Step Pools
Tributary 1 - STA 10+00 - Downstream - Step Pools - 3 - After
STA 16+75 - Downstream - Step Pools
STA 23+00 to 33+00 (2)
STA 30+50 - Downstream - Step Pools
STA 17+50 - Upstream - Bike Crossing and Step Pools
STA 26+00 - Class II Channel Armor - Upstream - 3
STA 11+75 - Upstream - Step Pools
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