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Restoration of Long Draught Branch at Maryland State Route 117 & Removal of In-Stream Storm Water Structure
Completed in 2019 for Maryland State Highway Administration

The stream restoration project was designed to improve water quality, stabilize existing infrastructure, incorporate aquatic and terrestrial habitat features, remove a failed on line stormwater management facility and treat non-native species while minimizing impacts to riparian wetlands and trees. The urban channel restoration approach included the installation of log vanes, log toes, cross-vanes, j-hooks, rock toes, imbricated rock bank protection, rock sills, and rock root packs to restore and stabilize along a segment of Long Draught Branch and an unnamed tributary to Long Draught Branch.
This project had been in design for more than 10 years before it came to fruition. It had many challenges before construction including the community reception to removing a dam, even though it had been failing for many years, it was an eyesore and a hazard. Many people in the community thought removing the structure could adversely impact storm water levels. The final completed stream is beautiful and functional, satisfying all parties.

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