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Spring/Summer Project Updates

MLS has a busy spring and summer lined up. We are very fortunate to keep our employees working through closure this year! Thank you to our amazing estimators, Kristin and Steve for making this happen!

Projects that are finishing up:

- Stickney Creek with Biohabitats for West Creek Conservancy

- Beaver Creek with Biohabitats for Geauga Park District

- Parks Outfalls for Montgomery Parks, Maryland

Here is what we have lined up:

- Continue at Powder Mill with Metra and RK&K for City of Baltimore - Heavenly Pond Stream Restoration with McCormick Taylor for Harford County - Kingsbury Stream Restoration with WSP for Baltimore County

- UVA Carrs Hill and JPJ Stream Restoration with Faulconer Construction and Biohabitats for University of Virginia

We also have 2 projects contracted for the fall and winter and several more that look like we will have but we haven't got an official award yet!

MVS also has a busy schedule lined up!

- MVS currently is working on the LARGEST East Coast solar project, Spotsylvania. The project sites, located in Spotsylvania, VA encompass approximately 6,350 acres, of which 3,500 acres will be developed into the solar project, with at least 2,000 acres being preserved as undeveloped, conserved land.

- Kent University, located in Ohio has a total of three projects that MVS will be installing the permanent seed on all three sites.

Keep sending in photos!

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